JP. Chenet - two generations of men and women, passionate about their jobs. Here are some of the things they do...


JP. Chenet works with many winegrowers to produce its different wines: 7,000 to be precise! They play an essential role in growing the vines, harvesting the grapes and fermenting the wine. Working with the soil, climate, grapes, fermenting and maturing techniques to produce the very best wines is an exciting and demanding job!


In direct contact with the winegrowers, our winemakers tour the vineyards to select the best wines. Then, like artists, they blend the wines, like a painter mixing his colours... This is how JP. Chenet wines come into being.


After the winemakers’ job is complete, the cellar masters look after the wines entrusted to them, preparing them for bottling. Their role is essential to guarantee the quality of JP. Chenet wines while they are in the bottle!


On our bottling chains, the bottlers operate complex machines. Did you know that the JP. Chenet bottling chain is unique in the world? It doesn't look like much, but we had to design a machine that was capable of putting a cork into a slanted neck!


The quality controller tests and analyses the wines at every stage, from production to marketing. As wine is a delicate living product, it requires a lot of attention!


Our graphic designers are insatiable creators. Inquisitive and on top of the latest trends, they give JP. Chenet wines a visual soul. Every JP. Chenet bottle is a perfect harmony of materials, colours and words, which arouse emotions before you even open the bottle...