In 1984, Joseph Helfrich, an artist-entrepreneur, designed a bottle with a revolutionary shape. The bottle, christened Joséphine, was distinguished by its original curves: a slanted neck and a generous body. It was a real challenge at the time, even needing its own production chain!


The birth of JP. CHENET, initially available in two single-varietal versions: Cabernet Sauvignon Vin de Pays d’Oc and Blanc de Blancs Vin de Pays des Côtes de Gascogne. At the time, JP. CHENET was known as J.P. CHANEL, after Jean-Paul CHANEL, Joseph Helfrich's closest collaborator, who actively contributed to the development of JP. Chenet across the world!


The first “Medium Sweet” (Sparkling) white wine, from the Côtes de Thau, a very specific winegrowing area between Montpellier and Béziers.

The first Rosé, a Cinsault du Pays d'Oc.


The first mixed-varietal, a Cabernet-Syrah, taking the place of Cabernet Sauvignon. JP. Chenet took advantage of developments in winegrowing to enhance its wine, which was already a success.


An Oscar for Packaging and the Verre Avenir award for the inimitable Joséphine bottle, a daring, original design!


“One bottle of JP. Chenet wine is sold every second!” And now? It’s double that.


First 25cl bottle. A small bottle, but in the same style as the original: JP. Chenet responds to new consumer habits.


Launch of a high-quality wine, a Merlot-Cabernet red and a Chardonnay white, matured in barrels.


Nobody believed it was possible, but JP. Chenet did it: we launched a 3-litre BIB (bag-in-box). The wine is packaged in a supple pouch, sheltered from air and light, with an integrated tap that prevents air from entering and oxidising the wine, for up to 6 weeks after opening! Did you know? Today in France, around 40% of wines sold in supermarkets are BIB...


Launch of the 18.7cl bottle (very popular in the United Kingdom)


Event: JP. Chenet launched its first sparkling wine. JP. Chenet invited itself to the party...


Change in the graphic design and appearance of the initials JPC engraved on the bottle, giving it even more character.


JP. Chenet launched new packaging: the 50cl and 18.7cl Isipack (very light, resistant pouch, even easier to carry)


Change in the graphic design, making it cleaner and more modern-looking


Always on top of the latest trends, the launch of JP. Chenet FASHION, sparkling wines with natural fruit aromas


Launch of JP. Chenet Brandy, a raisin spirit and descendant of the Joseph Helfrich's father's expertise in the spirits business.


More and more countries prefer screwcap bottles, which are more practical than traditional corks. JP. Chenet naturally adapts its Josephine bottle, giving it a screwcap.


New JP. Chenet 18.7cl PET plastic bottle. Light and unbreakable, PET is very popular with airlines. JP. Chenet travels in first class...


First Limited Edition with specially designed bottles. A collector's item!


Launch of JP. Chenet ICE EDITION. A new drinking experience: bubbles and ice! This sparkling wine is different from other wines, as its bubbles and intensity blend with the ice in a subtle, extremely chilled mix.


First metal label for our Imperial Reserve Brandy, very popular... in China!


Like a major designer, JP. Chenet is always exploring new materials! Hence the first wooden label for our new JP. Chenet RESERVE.