At JP. Chenet, we make wine and also cultivate a state of mind...


An obvious one for wine lovers. Even better with a French touch!


With friends, family or tête-à-tête, all over the world... “A good wine is one that is shared”: this saying is not one of ours, but we wish it was!


At JP. Chenet, we have our own style. Just look at the bottle! But our originality also lies in the way we express French expertise and universal pleasure.


Easy to identify, easy to choose, easy to drink. That's our wine. Why make it complicated when it could be simple? And it couldn't be easier to contact us: via this site or on Facebook!


From the vine to the bottle, from labelling to bottling, every JP. Chenet bottle is a team effort, a concentration of expertise, which we are very proud of. What’s the purpose? Quite simply, to enjoy a well-made wine.


At JP. Chenet, we attach great importance to the relationship between the soil, the grapes and the people. Producing wines that respect their local area, solidly rooted in the South of France, adds meaning to the experience we offer...


A diversity of tastes, a choice of formats, grape varieties, sparkling wines, and new tasting experiences... Since its early days, JP. Chenet has always been innovative. The pioneer spirit has been a company tradition for over 30 years!